Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I know if my company is a member?
Answer: You can always check our Member directory OR feel free to email one of the CMA team and we’ll be able to help you.

Q2. How does individual brand membership work? Can you take it with you if you leave your current job
Answer: The individual brand membership is tied to the person and not to the company, so you can take this membership forward if you move jobs during your membership year.

Q3. Other associations work on a revenue turnover price what’s your criteria for membership
Answer: Here at the CMA we no longer apply membership fees based on company turnover, we now offer a tiered membership format, consisting of bronze, silver, gold options and it is up to the individual company to decide what they’d like to sign up too.  For more information please email

Q4. What is the Content Club and how do I attend?
Answer: The Content Club is a separate event for Brand only marketers to attend, to secure your place at our first event in March 2019, contact

Q5. How many free event spaces do I get for the Corporate brand membership?
Answer: You receive 2 complimentary places (excluding the Awards evening)

Q6. Are the prices of the training etc already discounted?
Answer: You will notice on the CMA e-commerce site that both prices are listed, those for members and those who are not.

Q7. When do the 2019 Awards open for entries?
Answer: The International Content Marketing Awards for 2019 will be open for entry on the 28th February 2019.

Q8. Can brands enter the International Content Marketing Awards themselves?
Answer: Yes they can

Q9. If I want some advice on content can the CMA help me?
Answer: Yes, we can! We are happy to help with any queries please email and he will be able to help you

Q10. Do you provide lunch during a fulls day training
Answer: Yes lunch is available onsite

Q11. Do I get a certificate
Answer: We don’t currently offer certificates, but please speak to your CMA co-ordinator on the day if you would like more information

Q12. What is your Start up membership criteria
Answer: You will have been trading for no more than 2 years, with an annual turnover of less than £1m

Q13. How do I join
Answer: There are various ways you can join, either via our e-commerce site, if you are looking for individual membership, however if you are looking to join at a corporate level I would recommend meeting us, either at one of our events so that we can jointly decide on what is the best membership option for your organisation.
Contact our MD for a confidential conversation

Q14. I’m not a member but would like to attend a CMA event/training session
Answer: Anyone can attend any of the CMA events, or training days,  please check out our e-commerce site for those scheduled

Q15. What is the Knowledge Bank
Answer: Knowledge Bank is our own online research and content library dating back 10 years and is available to CMA Members only

Q16. When does your next research take part
Answer: In 2019 the CMA will be running quarterly research programmes the results of which will be shared with cooperating members only